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Get an Exclusive Gift with Your Craving Vegan Cookbook Purchase: Dive into Vegan Delights with Our 3-Lesson Course.

What you'll learn...

Lesson 1:

Learn to create a Spinach Quiche with a Perfect Flaky Pie Crust that's both delicious and vegan-friendly.

Lesson 2:

Discover the magic of vegan Rack o' Ribs, crafted using seitan and jackfruit for a meaty, satisfying experience.

Lesson 3:

Indulge in the luxury of a Double Chocolate Espresso Tart that's easy to make but tastes like it's straight from a high-end bakery.

Join Sam Turnbull in her test kitchen!

In this exclusive cooking course, Sam’s sunny personality shines through as she guides you through the creation of mouthwatering plant-based dishes that will win over even non-vegan hearts.

As the author of Craving Vegan, Sam generously shares her best tips, tricks, and techniques, unveiling the secrets behind the delectable recipes she’s crafted in this book.

Get ready to elevate your cooking skills and indulge in a world of irresistible flavors under Sam’s expert guidance.

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the realm of vegan culinary excellence!

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The Proof Is in the (vegan) Pudding - Our Reviews

Read More
My husband and I took the Ultimate Vegan cooking class and loved it. We would watch it live and then together make the recipes for dinner. The recipes were tasty, easy and gave my husband confidence in the kitchen. Looking forward to cooking with Sam again!
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One of the best classes I have taken. Sam is a fun amazing talented teacher
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I took the Ultimate Vegan Kitchen class during the first year of my vegan journey. It really ignited my love for cooking and the recipes were fun and delicious. My whole family loved every recipe and we can’t wait for another class with Sam!
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I took Sam's Ultimate Vegan cooking class and it was AMAZING! I was having a hard time staying vegan because I just couldn't find recipes that I enjoyed. Then I found Sam and the classes were so much fun I learned so much during them. BUT an unexpected surprise was that she got me to actually enjoy cooking again! I've had no problem staying plant based now with everything that I learned! Thank you Sam 🥰
Read More
I took the first cooking class! It was amazing and I still make most of the recipes on a (relatively) regular basis. The Caesar dressing and tofu bolognese are a couple of my favorites!
Read More
I had So much fun cooking along with Sam. Can’t Wait to do it again. I have both of her books 🌈 .
Read More
Sam’s classes are fun to watch and she makes it very easy. She has so many wonderful recipes and the food is delicious, plus I love her books!
Read More
Sam's classes taught me so many things about vegan cooking and opened my eyes to a whole new world of flavors and ingredients.
Read More
Sooo much fun! My ten year old gifted the class to us for Mother’s Day! We had a ball! And amazing food afterwards.
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I took the Ultimate Vegan Kitchen class and it was an absolute game changer for me. I learned thT eating vegan is not only healthy, it's tasty, fun, and versatile! I was never bored. I was able to share wonderful recipes with my family that they too love! Sam, you made it exciting, fun, and simple to follow. I can't wait until the next class! Lynn Sims
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Sam’s class was the best. Classes were fun and understandable thanks to her explanations and demonstrations. Because of her I went total vegan. Thank you for everything.
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The first class was such an amazing experience! It was so great to be part of such an engaged community and the personal interaction with you was such a great bonus. It was so fun to make the new recipes and watch the new classes each week. It was one of the highlights of my year and I've always said that if you were to offer another class I would sign up in a heartbeat!
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Ultimate Vegan Kitchen was a game changer for me. Not only did it help me become more confident in the kitchen, it also helped me adopt a plant based diet. I struggled with becoming vegan because I was not a fan of most grocery store vegan “cheese” and “meat” products. Sam taught me to make these items from scratch and they are so delicious and healthy. The course helped me become a fantastic cook- my friends now call me for cooking advice! Sam is a great teacher and is just so personable. I can’t thank her enough for her recipes and cooking classes.
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I had been vegetarian for 20+ years but was a little mystified and intimidated by veganism. I had tried a few of the recipes from Sam’s blog and on that basis wanted to switch to being vegan so I signed up for her cooking class. It was (and I am not exaggerating) life changing! She showed me how easy and tasty vegan cooking can be and I’m kicking myself for not going vegan sooner! Even my carnivore husband switched to being 90% vegan after I took Sam’s class because he loves her recipes! He still drinks milk…but I’m working on him. I am on the waiting list to sign up for the next class 👍
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I despise cooking. I’ve always had to follow a recipe to the letter. Cooking always ended with me exhausted and in the worst mood - and typically never really tasted worth it in the end. I saw Sam’s ad in my FB feed just before the course started and signed up on a whim. Hoping it might give me a few tips at best. But, this class has flipped a switch for me. I am finding myself actually excited about making things and I even branched out today and winged a vegan crab salad for CA rolls. Who am I?!!! A gigantic thank you to Sam and to this entire group!! You all have given me something I never ever expected and I’m truly thankful for you all. 💖💖💖
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I took Sam's introductory course to learn to cook Vegan meals. The course went beyond my expectations and I learned to make really beautiful dishes, cheeses, snacks, and a wide range of ingredients. The most valuable part of the course was learning what you need in your kitchen to prepare Vegan foods, and shopping basics. I was a beginner and appreciated the learning. It was fun to participate and I have continued to make a whole lot of dishes with beans (which I love); soups and my favourite -- tacos. I look forward to the next opportunity to learn from exuberant and talented Sam Turnbull.
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I’m so excited to sign up for Sam’s upcoming class. The Ultimate Vegan Kitchen was such a blast last time, and I know I need major prep help. The classes are so much fun, and I always learn so much from Sam. I never knew how to chop onions or garlic til her class. I fell in love with jackfruit because of Sam. Most important, I found tasty recipes I could serve to non vegan friends! I love having folks over and now at make them yummy dishes that are vegan. Yippee! Sign me up Sam Turnbull!A gigantic thank you to Sam and to this entire group!! You all have given me something I never ever expected and I’m truly thankful for you all. 💖💖💖
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I learned so much and it was a lot of fun. I was thrilled to discover that Sam was happy to go over even the basic kitchen skills with us, which I so badly needed... and her approach was such a boost to my self-confidence! I watched and re-watched her videos, which were always fresh, entertaining, yet easy to follow. And to top it all off, the food was delicious! To this day, my husband still puts in requests for Sam's Tofu Bolognese (which I just made 2 days ago!) and her beet burgers, which he swears are better than beef burgers!!! 😊😂😍 Thank you, Sam, for giving me the skills to comfortably prepare vegan food for my friends and family!